Precious Metal Clay

I work almost exclusively in a Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC) manufactured by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. Metal clay, invented in Japan in the early 1990’s, is a relatively modern medium enabling artists and jewelers to create extraordinary pieces that would be quite difficult with traditional silversmithing techniques. Silver metal clay (PMC) consists of microscopic fine silver particles, an organic binder and water. It can be molded, shaped, textured, carved and cut into shapes to form pure silver earrings, pendants, rings & bracelets. When fired to a high temperature, the organic binder burns up and the precious metal particles fuse together into solid silver.


My unique silver metal clay (PMC) pendants are located here. Some have cubic zirconium’s embedded.

Pendants - with Fused Glass

View some of my PMC pendant creations with my own fused glass cabochons.

Pendants - Microcosms

I create each of my “little world” microcosms around one of my fused slumped glass cabochons. These one of a kind pieces are fired multiple times before final patina and polishing.

Pendants - Blue Fruit Series

This series evolved around many of my beautiful bluish fused glass pieces with flowing silver stems and leaves.

Pendants - Silver Leaf Series

Discover shining silver PMC leaves with either fused glass cabochons or cubic zirconium here.

Pendants - Hurricanes

I began making PMC hurricanes after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina to my hometown and family. I usually set a fused glass cab for the “eye” of the storm but I also use semi-precious stones.

Pendants - Flower Series

Find here a bouquet of my fine silver floral pendants with my fused glass mini dichro cabs.

PMC Earrings

View my current PMC earring creations which are usually hanging with sterling silver ear wires.

PMC Bracelets

These PMC bracelets are either cold connected with sterling jump rings or sterling wire wrapped.

PMC Rings