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Leslie Scott and PMC Jazzed

Leslie ScottI was born on a typical hot steamy summer day in my home town of New Orleans or Nawlins’ as the locals call it. I grew up near the shore of Lake Pontchatrain in a section of the city that was heavily flooded after Hurricane Katrina. My childhood home, heavily damaged and abandoned after the storm, I have discovered at my last visit has now been pulled down as of Jan. 2008. It now is just a memory & immortalized in photos. My heart is broken along with this broken hometown of mine by the total inefficiency of the government to take care of its people. This wonderful American city, unlike any other, should NOT be allowed to decay, fester and die a slow broken death. Please remember this city and hold it in your hearts, minds and prayers. If you can give money, your time, whatever, don’t hesitate. I have designed many jewelry hurricane pieces which I sell and the profits go back to my family and friends devastated by Katrina.

My odyssey with glass began in the late 1970’s in the San Francisco Bay Area where I learned the art of stained glass. Together with my Irish husband, we set up a stained glass studio called “Heart of Glass” in Dublin, Ireland. The business was sold eventually and we journeyed to America in 1987. Much later after the birth of my daughter and during completion of my B.A. in Art in New Mexico, I was able to once again pick up working with glass. Now I chose to work in the area of “warm glass”–glass fusing. I continue to be awed by the “magic of glass” when it’s molten. I do a lot of self- exploration and also study at Vitrum Studios in the Washington D.C. area with Judith Finn Conway and Kevin O’Toole.

Moving to Lancaster Pennsylvania in 2001, I was able to learn glass bead making with a local bead maker and add that skill to my glass making. Now I was really playing with molten glass!

In 2004, I became attracted to Precious Metal Clay and did my Level 1 and 2 PMC Certificate classes with Wendy Schuster in Reading Pennsylvania. I am a proud member of the PMC Guild. I love working with PMC and using it to really extend and decorate my glass. I began teaching both Fused Glass classes and PMC classes at my local community college and recreation center. Check my class schedule page for current listings. I greatly enjoy passing on my knowledge and seeing others become excited by the unlimited possibilities of both fused glass and PMC.